Welcome back Ladies. Last year was certainly a different year for us all. It also looks like 2021 is not going to be much of a change from last year. That being said we still had a wonderful year of golf and I for one, was so happy to be on the course and to meet so many new friends as well as old. We have such a wonderful group of ladies that make coming out each day so much fun. in this time of COVID-19 it is so nice to have a place to meet friends and play the game we all love. Last year we had 83 members of which 9 were new. Thank you each and every one who come out to support our league. On some new news Beaverbrook has been sold and I have talked to the new owner who has big plans. One such plan is a new restaurant which is on schedule to open with the course. Its sure sounds like Beaverbrook is going to look like a new course, so please come out and support one of your neighbours. We will not be having a Golf Tee this year due to Covid-19 and we can’t gather. Start date has not been added at this time, but we will contact each of you once it is set. We are hopeful to host a Year End Tournament, dinner, and AGM in September.

See you on the golf course.


    Two people riding together in a cart who are NOT from the same household ARE required to wear a mask while in the cart.
Two people riding together in a cart from the same household are NOT required to wear a mask .
A solo rider is NOT required to wear a mask.
This direction on masks supersedes any previous direction on Cart Dividers.
The use of cart dividers is not required and does not negate the need for masks for riders in the same cart from different households
  Golf Association of Ontario


The cost for GAO will be $42.50 for anyone who would like to join.


Exclusive Offers on Event Tickets and merchandise

A score tracking account

Online rules education access

Official golf Canada Handicap Factor

Equipment ID Label

$2500 Equipment Replacement Guarantee

Participate in National & Provincial Championships

Internationally recognized Membership Card

Our GAO representative is Alexandra Blaker. ABlaker@gao.ca
All information is available at gao.ca

  Instructions for Completing Membership Form


1.  Go to www.hhwgl.ca and click on Membership

2. The form will open and you can fill it in. The dollar amount doesn’t automatically calculate so, if required, you need to manually put in the total. You can choose to pay by cheque or eTransfer - it’s just a tick box and does NOT automatically take you anywhere to do the transfer. Please be sure to tick the relevant box so we know how you are paying.

3a. When you get to the bottom you have a choice to send it in electronically or print it. To send electronically there will be a box to fill in a code.  You’ve all seen this type of code box on other forms such as ticket purchases.  All that does is prevent automatic dialers from inundating us.  

3b. Fill in the code and click the ‘submit’ button.   If, by chance, you don’t get a “Thank-you your form has been submitted” it will return you to the top of your filled in form again.  Scroll to the bottom and there will be a new code.  Fill that one in and click submit again.  Note: If you want to keep a copy print it before you click submit.

4. If you wish you can print and mail the form to Lynne Brady and the cheque to Tracey Dyson or bring both to the Icebreaker Tee. Addresses are on the Registration page.


  Instructions for Interac eTransfer


If you do online banking you can do an Interac transfer.

Sign in to your online banking.

Go to ‘Transfers’ or ‘Transfer money’ or similar

Choose Interac transfer and follow the steps sending the transfer to

Tracey Dyson    tdyson712@gmail.com

Make the answer to your security question – Haliburton

When the transfer has been processed by Tracey you will receive a notification.