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Aerial view of golf course

Local Golf Events

Courses in the Haliburton County Area

Ontario Senior Games Association to be advised

Water Ambassadors Canada Tournament June 20th, 2024Pinestone Resort

6th Annual Abbey Gardens Golf Tournament August 19, 2024 at Blairhampton Golf Course.  Registration form can be found here.

Volunteer Dental Outreach Tournament August 22nd, 2024 at Blairhampton Golf Club

Golf Etiquette and Ready Golf


a) Do not make any distracting noises or moves while someone is about to strike the ball.

b) Do not stand in the peripheral vision or ahead of anyone about to strike the ball.

c) Do not walk or stand on someone’s putting line.

d) Do not allow your shadow to disturb someone about to strike or putt the ball.

e) Do not pick up someone else’s ball unless asked to, especially in a hazard. It is up to the individual to declare it playable or unplayable.

f) Do be ready to hit when it is your turn. Plan your shot while others are hitting, or while you are walking to the ball.

g) Do mark your ball and know how to identify it.

h) Do watch all golf shots to help mark their landing spots.

i) Do wave on the next group behind you on a par 3 when you have reached the green. While they walk to their ball, your group can putt out.

j) Do yell ‘FORE’ if you accidentally hit into another playing group.

k) Do play a provisional ball if there is any possibility of not finding your ball.

l) Do not play a provisional ball if area entered is marked with a red or yellow stake - play a ball from where you entered the area. You must play that stroke from behind a water hazard if it is between you and the flag, or two club lengths from the entry point (no closer to the hole), if it is a lateral hazard.



The success of our league depends on everyone playing Ready Golf; which is a variation of the golf rules that speeds play and allows novice, intermediate and advanced golfers to golf together.

Ready Golf Rules (9 hole groups)

1) Keep your foursome moving. Tee off as soon as the foursome in front of you is a safe distance ahead.

2) Limit practice swings to one.

3) Tee off in the order you are ready. No honour or other system is used.

4) Fairway shots can be taken in ready order whenever safety allows. Otherwise, the farthest from the hole shoots first.

5) The maximum number of strokes you may take and count on any hole is equal to double the par for that hole.

6) Count all strokes in your score including ‘whiffs’, ‘duffs’, and ‘topped balls’.

7) Lost balls – allow no more than 3 minutes to search for a ball. Add a one stroke penalty to your score for a lost ball.

8) On the green, putt in ready order, not by ‘distance from the hole’ order. Once you begin putting, continue until you finish the hole, unless doing so would be detrimental to yourself or another player



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